Converter Tilting Devices

Converter Tilting Devices

Converter tilting devices are used for steadily tilting, accurately positioning furnace bodies in oxygen top- blown convertors, in steelmaking equipment, finishing a series of technological operations, including adding molten iron into converters, tapping steels, adding materials, and repairing furnaces, etc. NGC’s converter tilting devic-es primarily incorporate an AC variable frequency motor, a primary reducer, a secondary reducer, and a torque arm balancing device.

They adopt a fully-suspended flexible four-point meshed driving type, and a torque-arm movement balancing mechanism.

A NGC Converter tilting device is the key piece of the transmission equip-ment for converters steelmaking production characterized by low speed, heavy load, large speed ratio, and frequent start and stop. It can also bear large dynamic loads and manages poor working con-ditions.



Large torque transmission

Fully-suspended flexible structure


Main Technical Parameters

Specification: 30–300 T

Max. Torque: 6,500 kN.m

Overload Torque: 15,000 kN.m

Speed Ratio: 520–1,200



Converter steelmaking


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