Gearboxes for Internal Mixers

Brief Introduction

NGC’s gearbox for internal mixers is a high-precision heavy-load hardened gearbox matched with a closed rubber mixing machine (“internal mixer”). The gearbox utilizes parallel cylindrical gears and the input shaft is connected with the shaft of the motor through a coupler and driven by the motor. After gear reduction and the speed reduction and the power shunting between the two output shafts, the output shafts transmit the power to the rotator shaft of the internal mixer through the coupler and then drive the rotator of the internal mixer to mix rubber.



M1.5, M5E, M45E, M75, M90E, M110E, M135E, M160, M190E, M250E, M255, M270(305), M300, M320E, M400(430), M590TE, M620E.



NGC has provided the gearboxes for internal mixers since 1987 to the host suppliers of various internal mixers wordwide. They are applied widly by top tire and rubber manufacturers through 30 years of verification. The references include Michelin, Bridgestone and Continental Tire; in the United States, Germany, Italy, Japan, Thailand, Turkey, Brazil, and Mexico.

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