Planetary Center Drive Gearboxes


Optimized meshing accuracy of gears with lower noise and higher efficiency

The housing and planetary carriers are analyzed and optimally designed by FEM, with less deformation during operation process, and more stable operation

The multiform drive structures of planetary gearbox is nationally inventive patent(ZL 200910264142.8, ZL 200910264144.7)

Guaranteed manufacturing quality and higher reliability

Compact design with excellent power/weight ratio

Smaller spatial arrangement of the device as a whole


Main Technical Parameters

Specification: 23 types

Transmission Stages: 2 or 3,1st stage: parallel gears (configured according to specific requirements) + 2nd stage: planetary gears + 3rd stage: planetary gears

Speed Ratio: max. iex = 125

Rated Power: 1,250–10,000 kW



Cement processing; grinding in the coal and mining industry,tube mills.

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