Conveyor Gearboxes

Standard gearbox series are applicable to various mechanical power transmission fields. Products of this series include gearboxes with helical gears and helical-bevel gears, which possess different types and designs and multiple installation methods to meet requirements of all kinds of industrial fields.



Modular design with good component interchangeability

Reasonable torque range distribution and affordable

Improved bearing capacity and noise reduction performance through tooth flank modification

Hardened tooth surface design with accuracy above grade 5

Various sealing forms to meet sealing requirement of different application fields

Short lead time and reliable quality



Main Technical Parameters

Specification: 25 types

Torque Range: 2 –1,400kN.m

Speed Ratio: 1.25–450



Belt conveyor, bucket conveyor, blender, lifting equipment, travel-ling machine, paper making machine, drying machine, rotary kiln, powder concentrator, stretch roll and etc.

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