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EpicyclicPlanetary Gearboxes

The new energy vehicle epicyclicplanetary gearbox for new energy vehicles independently developed in-house by NGC has two kinds offeatures two different structures, namely double-stage epicyclicplanetary and single-stage epicyclicplanetary transmission. The gearbox can be internally integrated with a differential mechanism, withwhich features such as a compact structure, a high power density and an excellent NVH performance.
Performance Features
1. Lightweight design, based on finite element analysis, ensures the gearbox has a compact structure and a high power density.Based on finite element analysis, a lightweight design is adopted, and the gearbox has a compact structure and a high power density.
2. ThroughBy means of flow field simulation and thermal field simulation, and based on experimental verification, the gearbox lubricating system ishas been optimized, with aresulting in high transmission efficiency and reliability of the gearbox;
3. Applying theFloating micro-gap floating uniform load technology, ensures excellent the load distribution between the teeth is good, with an excellentleading to outstanding NVH performance.
Main Technical Parameters
Maximum power:250 kW
Maximum input speed:16,000 rpm
Maximum input torque:450 N.m
Maximum gearbox efficiency of gearbox:≥98%
Comprehensive efficiency of gearboxOverall efficiency:≥96%
Main Application Fields
New energy passenger and commercial vehicles

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