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The "Spring City" Welcomes the Wind Power Aftermarket Event—The 2024 China Wind Power Transmission Chain Operation and Maintenance Seminar & the Special Training Session for Wind Power Transmission Chain Operation and Maintenance Were Successfully Held in

Publish Date: 2024-06-08

The 2024 China Wind Power Transmission Chain Operation and Maintenance Seminar & the Special Training Session for Wind Power Transmission Chain Operation and Maintenance were successfully held in Kunming from May 30th to 31st. This event was co-hosted by the Jiangsu Province Renewable Energy Association and Nanjing High Speed Gear Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (NGC). Over 160 participants from industry enterprises across China participated in the exchange.

This activity focused on discussions and exchanges regarding the development trends and opportunities in the Chinese wind power transmission chain market, technological innovation and advancements in the wind power transmission chain, as well as challenges and solutions related to its operation and maintenance.

Qin Ye, General Manager of NGC's Aftermarket Business Division, highlighted in his speech that, after years of development, NGC's aftermarket business has been steadily progressing towards high quality. The NGC Aftermarket Department and NGC Baotou were established in 2019, and wind power aftermarket services were developed in 2020. At the beginning of 2024, the Wind Power Aftermarket Business Division was established. Through continuous investment and intelligent transformation and upgrading of the aftermarket business over the years, the NGC Aftermarket Business Division now has gained a complete R&D function and global operation, maintenance and service capabilities. Additionally, it has attained a full-process manufacturing capacity for 1000 sets of gearboxes below 7MW. Throughout the years, we have dedicated ourselves to cultivating on-tower and off-tower operation and maintenance technologies to enhance service quality. In the current market environment, our aftermarket business continues to advance, with a commitment to offering customers comprehensive, one-stop operation and maintenance solutions.

Wang Fudong, Senior Manager of the Aftermarket Business Division of NGC, provided a detailed introduction to NGC's operation and maintenance team, service scope, and repair technology under the topic Operation and Maintenance Solutions for Large Components of Wind Power Gearboxes.

Xu Tiancheng, the head of the Sales Department of the Aftermarket Business Division, began by discussing the challenges currently faced by the industry in the thematic dialogue Development Prospects and Challenges of the Wind Power Transmission Chain Operation and Maintenance Market. He highlighted NGC's core competitiveness and expressed NGC's commitment to enhancing cooperation with wind power developers, main machine manufacturers, and core component enterprises. Xu emphasized that NGC aims to make a positive contribution to promoting the high-quality development of China's wind power industry.

At the Special Training Session on Wind Power Transmission Chain Operation and Maintenance, Luo Wenzhen, the Technical Manager of NGC's Aftermarket Service, also provided practical insights in the presentation titled Introduction to Wind Power Gearbox Tower Maintenance Technology. He introduced cases where NGC's specially designed tools successfully addressed issues such as high costs, long cycles, and the significant customer impact associated with traditional gearbox tower maintenance schemes.

At this conference, experts were invited to discuss topics including "Trends in Wind Power Industry Policies and Prospects for High-Quality Development under the New Power System," "Current Status of Wind Turbine Transmission Chain Operation and Maintenance," "Introduction to Yunnan Province's Wind Power Industry Development Plan," and "Development Trends in Wind Turbine Transmission Chain Technology." Additionally, they conducted comprehensive thematic training sessions on critical issues using practical case studies. These sessions covered "Discussion on Enhancing the Safety and Reliability of Wind Power Operation," "Technical and Management Challenges of the Wind Power Transmission Chain Operation and Maintenance Market," "ExxonMobil's Lubrication Solutions for the Wind Power Industry," "Analysis of Common Problems in Wind Turbine Transmission Chains," "Exploration and Practice of Key Technology Optimization and Application of Wind Turbine Transmission Chains from the Perspective of the Post-Market," "Failure Analysis of Wind Turbine Transmission Chains," and "Research and Application of Key Technologies for Wind Power Bearings."

NGC, committed to innovation-driven, high-quality development, strives to enhance convenience and efficiency in the operation and maintenance of wind power gearboxes.

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