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NGC Receives Subway Gearbox Order from Queensland Australia

Publish Date: 2024-05-15

There was good news recently from NGC's rail transit business. The Company received an order for 1,040 subway gearboxes from Queensland, Australia. The model used in the project is the PDM490 two-stage subway gearbox.

Queensland, the second largest state in Australia, is located in the northeast of the country and borders New South Wales to the south. It features a subtropical climate with hot, rainy summers, and mild, sunny winters. It enjoys a reputation as the "Sunshine State" and is a popular tourist and holiday destination.

High precision, high reliability, light weight

The PDM490 gearbox is a subway gearbox developed and upgraded by NGC in strict accordance with customer specifications and based on the company’s many years of design experience. The gearbox is produced using unique gear shaping technology, and is suitable for variable load and high vibration conditions, thus greatly improving the transmission performance of the gear and significantly reducing noise, while always ensuring the continuous and stable operation of the gearbox. The product boasts strong load-bearing capacity and high reliability, and its noise and overall performance indicators have reached an internationally advanced level.

Innovative structural design

In order to meet the stringent space limitation requirements of our customers, the product features a compact design and features an innovative safety stop structure and speed measuring device. It can also meet project strength requirements under high torque conditions, and offers good reliability.

Innovative lubrication circuit design

The product provides excellent heat dissipation under different operating conditions, with gears and bearings being fully lubricated. Under local climatic conditions, the gearbox is able to operate normally at ambient temperatures of -25℃~50℃.

Maintenance-free life of 1.2 million km

The gearbox offers high-density power, low noise, high reliability and easy maintenance. All key components have a design life of 40 years and a maintenance-free life of 1.2 million km.

Committed to providing safe, reliable and quiet gear products to customers around the world

As a global expert in gearbox and transmission technology solutions, NGC has been deeply engaged in transmission technology for more than 50 years. The Company’s railway vehicle transmission products have been widely used in applications such as subways, trams, intercity railways, high-speed rail vehicles and locomotives, and the company has established long-term cooperative relationships with several well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers. Insisting on a concept and process of "zero defects", NGC is devoted to providing safe, reliable and quiet gear products to customers around the world, and offers a full range of rail transit gear transmission solutions. It has also passed the ISO/TS 22163:2017 (international railway industry standard) quality system certification and the railway product CRCC certification.

More than 60,000 subway gearboxes produced by our company are currently in operation around the world

With its advanced gearbox design technology, outstanding sealing technology and effective control over the production process, NGC’s rail vehicle gearboxes have long demonstrated outstanding market competitiveness. Currently, more than 60,000 NGC rail transit gearboxes are running stably inside various vehicles in China, North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia and South Africa, with all products highly praised by users.

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