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Pursuing Multi-platform and High-quality Development, NGC Group Shines at China Wind Power 2023

Publish Date: 2023-10-19

After a gap of two years, the 2023 China Wind Power was once more held at the China International Exhibition Center on October 17 to 19, 2023. NGC attended the event, together with more than 1,000 wind energy enterprises from around the world, to explore how to “build a stable global supply chain and a new joint future for energy transformation”.

As a renowned gearbox manufacturer for the global wind energy industry, NGC is committed to advancing and optimizing its services and technologies in the field of renewable energy worldwide, and pursuing multi-platform and high-quality development, having delivered a cumulative total of more than 100,000 main gearboxes and 550,000 yaw and pitch gearboxes.

Megawatt dual-feedback main gearboxes

New dual-feedback main gearboxes in a power range of 9MW to 10MW were showcased at the event. These are specifically designed for use in onshore and offshore wind turbines. Integrating the output end and the main shaft, the overall structure of the gearbox features a tertiary planetary structure and a primary parallel structure, satisfying market demands for high speed ratios of large blades and high-torque densities, and can be easily maintained and serviced on the tower. The gearbox model is suitable for a wide range of environments, with a high cost performance ratio and a rated torque coverage of 12,500 kNm. To date, these products have been used by multiple manufacturers as an NGC platform product.

Insisting on coordinated development for multi-platform technology

At the Entrepreneurs Forum held on the morning of October 17, Gu Xiaobin, executive director of NGC Group and president of its Wind Energy Business Division, was invited to participate in the forum on “Development Prospects of Wind Power Technology in the Carbon Peaking and Carbon Neutrality Era” along with representatives of renowned domestic wind turbine manufacturers. The wind energy industry is an important part of realizing the dual-carbon goal, while the progress and improvement of technology is the primary driving force for its sustained development. We insist on pursuing progress and development in multi-platform technology, along with the coordinated optimization and upgrade of dual-feedback, semi-integrated and semi-direct drives, along with fully-integrated and semi-direct drive technologies.

In-depth communication with clients and industrial partners

During the exhibition, representatives of the wind energy industrial chain arrived at the NGC booth to visit and discuss with our staff. Executives from numerous wind turbine manufacturers, clients and supply chain partners looked into our latest products and technologies and discussed possibilities for cooperation.

As an important member of the wind energy industrial chain, we will work together with our peers in the wind energy industry to assume our responsibility, steadily accelerate the development and upgrade of our products and technologies, promote quality and reliability, deepen in-depth cooperation with the industrial chain and create a stable global supply chain. In this way, we can, promote the sustainable, healthy and stable development of renewable energy worldwide.

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