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Riding the Wind for Mutual Benefit: The 2023 NGC Wind Energy Suppliers Conference

Publish Date: 2023-03-29

2023 marked the 20th year since NGC entered the wind energy industry. Over the past twenty years, NGC has been working hard in this field, seeking joint development with its supply chain.

The NGC Group recently held its Wind Energy Suppliers Conference with the theme of “Riding the Wind for Mutual Benefit”, where the company engaged in a dialogue on the future of wind energy with around 200 domestic suppliers. In this way, all participants were looking forward to increased business and further opportunities for cooperation. While expressing our gratitude to suppliers for helping NGC make prominent achievements in wind energy gearboxes, we also shared the good news about our shipment of the 100,000th gearbox and the release of the 18MW gearbox. On the same day, the NGC leadership showed suppliers around our Jinhu plant to witness the impressive manufacturing capacity we have for wind energy gearboxes.

At the start of the conference, Mr. Hu Jichun, president of NGC Group, delivered his opening address to welcome and express his gratitude to the suppliers. He said that in the context of China’s “Carbon Neutrality” and “Carbon Peaking” strategic goals, domestic wind energy has witnessed a rapid growth in demand for clean energy. Whether in deeper cooperation on land or further expansion on the ocean, we will shoulder this heavy responsibility together with all suppliers to accelerate the renewal and upgrade of product technology, improve quality and reliability, and strengthen the integration of our industrial chains. With our ceaseless efforts, we aim to enhance global competitiveness, offer a driving force for China’s green development and energy transformation goals, and enable China to achieve energy independence and security, as well as for the whole world to address the issue of climate change.

In his keynote report, Mr. Gu Xiaobin, CEO of NGC Group and general manager of the Wind Energy Business Unit, shared the current status and trends in the wind energy market, as well as the market dynamics of wind turbines. He pointed out that the company hoped to further deepen cooperation with its suppliers, continuously enhance product technology and quality through joint research and development activities, and achieve high-quality development throughout its technology platform.

Mr. Zhou Zhijin, Vice President of NGC Group and Deputy General Manager in charge of strategic procurement for the Wind Energy Business Unit, delivered a report on the development of the company’s supply chains. He said that NGC has always insisted on seeking win-win cooperation with all of its suppliers. He also pointed out that after wind energy gearboxes enter uncharted technological territory, strategic alliances will be required for the supply chain to cooperate with R&D and complete trial manufacturing. All parties involved in the supply chain of wind energy gearboxes must make joint efforts and fulfill their own responsibilities.

Mr. Sun Yizhong, Product Development Technology Director of the Wind Energy Business Unit, and Mr. Yuan Jiaxiang, Senior Manager in charge of supplier quality for the Wind Energy Business Unit, both delivered keynote speeches on content such as technical innovation and quality control within the NGC Group. They called on suppliers to make bold innovations as part of NGC’s exploration at the frontiers of technology within the industry, so as to provide more reliable technology and more prioritized resource investment for the development of megawatt wind energy gearboxes.

This year’s Supplier Conference included three supplier representatives from companies that have grown together with NGC. They expressed their gratitude for NGC’s support, recognition and trust at all times, shared their experiences, and were full of expectation for even closer cooperation in the future.

The conference was concluded successfully after Mr. Hu Jichun, president of NGC Group, delivered his closing speech to thank all attendees.


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