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NGC Delivers 10,000th Wind Energy Gearbox to Windey

Publish Date: 2023-02-14

On February 14, 2023, the “Delivery ceremony for the 10,000th wind energy gearbox and the first batch of offshore wind energy gearboxes for Windey” was held with great fanfare at the assembly workshop of Nanjing High Speed Gear Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as NGC). The delivery ceremony was attended by more than 50 people, including Hu Jichun, president of NGC Group, Gu Xiaobin, general manager of the Wind Energy Business Unit of NGC, Chen Qi, general manager of Zhejiang Windey Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Windey), Wei Min, assistant general manager and general manager of Windey’s procurement center, and members of the project teams from both sides, to witness this historical milestone.

Chen Qi (left), General Manager of Windey, and Hu Jichun, President of NGC Group

Wind Energy Pioneers Working Hand-in-Hand

Both NGC and Windey have been engaged for many years in the R&D and manufacture of wind energy products in China, acting as innovators and pioneers in the development of the domestic wind energy industry. As early as 2002, while exploring the industrialization of the industry, the two parties established an in-depth cooperation.

Over the past twenty years, NGC has provided Windey with wind energy main gearboxes covering platforms ranging from 250kW to 9.XMW, helping Windey to grow into a globally-renowned wind turbine manufacturer, and opening a new chapter of products for 15MW offshore platforms.

Gu Xiaobin, General Manager of NGC’s Wind Energy Business Unit

In 2022, NGC developed a total of 17 new models for Windey, reaching a new historical height and winning the title of Windey’s “Best Strategic Supplier”. “These achievements are the strongest evidence of our outstanding, long-term cooperation,” said Gu Xiaobin.

Chen Qi expressed his gratitude for the long-term cooperation and support from NGC, and suggested that the unremitting pursuit on both sides for power cost per kW and product quality has proved that they are on the right path of exploration and cooperation. “We have worked together and respected each other pragmatically for 20 years, forming a community of shared destiny in terms of our growth and our achievements,” said Chen Qi.

Chen Qi, General Manager of Windey

Stepping into an Era of “Going Offshore and Overseas”

At the ceremony, NGC delivered the 10,000th gearbox, along with the first batch of offshore wind energy gearboxes to Windey, signaling that their cooperation had reached new heights, and that both sides were embarking on a new journey.

The 8.XMW platform’s onshore wind energy gearbox and the 9.XMW offshore platform wind energy gearbox delivered at the ceremony were both developed independently by NGC. The products make use of advanced gearbox design technology and anti-fatigue manufacturing techniques, and will be used in dual-feed units to greatly improve product reliability and maintainability on the tower.

Windey is actively promoting its “offshore and overseas” strategy. In the face of the new industrial format and increasing customer demands, NGC will continue to work with Windey to make the most of their respective strengths. This will include new forms of cooperation, technical innovation and collaborative development along the entire industrial chain, thus realizing total integration with innovation as the driving force, and outstanding teams, technology, lean management, zero-defect process and efficient supply chain as the competitive core.

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