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Professional Skills Competition to Embark on a New Journey -- Success at the 2022 NGC professional skills competition for bridge cranes and forklifts

Publish Date: 2022-12-09

The NGC professional skills competition for forklifts and bridge cranes in 2022 was organized by the Trade Union of the NGC Group. This was carried out with the assistance of the Group’s security and environmental department and the human resource department based on the overall requirements of 2022’s “Ankang Cup” Competition. The competition was held to promote the spirit of labor and craftsmanship, further implement the overall requirements of the province and the city’s reform scheme on team building for industrial workers, and to establish a long-term mechanism for the cultivation of skilled employees. This will combine training, drills, competitions, promotions and incentives, in order to accelerate the development of the company’s professional and skilled workers. The aims is to motivate and encourage staff and employees to study technology and business to improve their skills, thus ultimately unleashing their role as a leading force in production and operations.

A total of 2,201 employees signed up for the competition. In the last third of October, the four companies: Nanjing High Speed Gear Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Gear (Group) Co., Ltd., Nanjing High Accurate Marine Equipment Co., Ltd. and Nanjing High Speed &Accurate Rail Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd., held preliminary competitions both online and offline, in which 200 employees were selected to enter the semi-final stage. On November 9, after the strict assessment of the semi-final paper test, 30 participants for forklifts and bridge cranes stood out to enter the final.

(Site of NGC’s 2022 professional skills semi-final for bridge cranes and forklifts)

On November 25 and December 3, the finals of NGC’s forklift and bridge crane competitions kicked off at High Speed Company’s 322 forklift skills competition venue and High Speed & Accurate Company’s 91 bridge crane skills competition venue, respectively. The competition’s practical operations final was witnessed by senior Group management and cadres of the Group’s trade unions at different levels, including Hu Jichun, chairman and executive president of NGC Group, Liu Xiumei, executive vice chairman of the trade union of Nanjing NII Group Co., Ltd., Zhang Baoxiang, Party committee secretary and chairman of the trade union, Kong Lingzuo, senior supervisor of the security and environment department, Zhou Xiang, senior supervisor of the human resource department, Wang Jiong, deputy general manager of the Wind Energy Business Unit, and Ding Yuanxing, deputy general manager of the Industrial Business Unit of NGC Group. The Group’s trade union invited Jiang Qiang, director of the Nanjing comprehensive service center for quality and technology supervision to act as a technical consultant for the competition.

(NGC Group’s Party Committee Secretary Mr. Zhang delivers a speech)

(Chairman Liu of the Nanjing NII Group delivers a speech)

(President Hu announces the official start of the practical operations final)

During the skills competition, the practical operations assessment for bridge cranes and forklifts were specially designed according to the company’s actual production conditions and in strict accordance with the operating requirements of bridge cranes and forklifts. These items have now reached an intermediate or higher level within the industry. The forklift operation competition consisted of four items: “carrying cargo into and out of the warehouse, passing intelligently through an S turn, hanging red lanterns, and passing steadily over speed bumps”. The bridge crane operation competition consisted of three items: “passing along an S stakes with a load, carrying workpieces across a frame, and fixed-point dropping off of cargo”. During the competition, all participants strictly observed the rules and operated their equipment carefully, calmly and assuredly. This enabled them to showcase their stable and superior skills of NGC production line workers and the corporate spirit of “Climb up the summit step by step, Strive for perfection bit by bit”. After a period of fierce competition, six participants, including Tan Yonggen from the second factory of Nanjing High Speed Gear Manufacturing Co., Ltd., took the top six places in the forklift skills competition. Another six participants, including Zhou Qian from the second factory of Nanjing High Accurate Marine Equipment Co., Ltd., took the top six places in the bridge crane skills competition.

(View of the forklift skills competition)

(Exciting moments during the forklift skills competition)

(Exciting moments during the bridge crane skills competition)

The skills competition has always adhered to the principles of “fairness, openness and equality” and has received help from the Nanjing Quality and Technology Supervision Administration at the technology level, while the theory and practical operation test questions have all been reviewed by experts. The competition has received great support from the company. The two competition venues for forklifts and bridge cranes were organized elaborately in a spirit of unity and collaboration, ensuring the success of the competitions. By means of large-scale skill competitions such as this one, the Group hopes to further create a good atmosphere for respecting knowledge, skills and labor among staff and employees, activating and arousing their enthusiasm for their work. This will motivate employees to stick to their posts and do their jobs well, so that the best technicians can become examples of strength for everyone to admire, respect and learn from. The Group hopes to further foster employee awareness of operational safety and correctness and enhance their understanding of production safety. In this way, they can combine the skills competition with actual production and operating tasks, as well as improving their professional skills and innovating talent-related mechanisms, so as to promote quality work among employees and keep in pace with the times.

(Participants pose for a photo)

Taking this competition as an opportunity, the Group aims to hold even more professional skills competitions at higher levels, in order to create a system of employee competitions with the brand characteristics of NGC. In this way, the long-term strategic goal of improving the quality of our workforce can be realized, promoting the high-quality development of NGC through concrete efforts.

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