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NGC Recognized as a National Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprise in 2022

Publish Date: 2022-11-11

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced its 2022 list of national technological innovation demonstration enterprises. Nanjing High Speed Gear Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “NGC”) was selected among them.

National technological innovation demonstration enterprises refer to companies with a strong capacity for technological innovation, outstanding innovative performance, and playing an important guiding role in a key sector of the industry. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology launched its certification of technological innovation demonstration enterprises in 2010, in order to comprehensively evaluate enterprises from such perspectives as innovation input, talent motivation, cooperative innovation, technical innovation output, and benefits.

As a renowned enterprise in the field of wind energy gear transmission, NGC has always taken innovation as its core driving force, continually increasing R&D investment, engaging in independent development with the support of industry-university-research cooperation, and establishing a highly reliable, efficient, internationally advanced wind energy product and technology platform. This has enabled the company to set up a strategic cooperation platform of “industry-university-research cooperation” for global research and development institutions and universities, and nurture a product R&D team always oriented around the customer and the market, full of energy and innovation, and with a wealth of technical experience.

Over the years, NGC has assumed the responsibility of promoting technical development within the industry, constantly achieving breakthroughs in key areas and addressing numerous difficulties and technical bottlenecks, thus reducing external dependence (both upstream and downstream) in the industrial value chain. The company has undertaken more than 20 national science and technology support programs and key national R&D projects, led and participated in the formulation and revision of more than 20 national and industrial standards, won more than 90 industrial and provincial new product and scientific achievement appraisals; it has also been awarded over 500 national patents, and achieved continuous innovations and breakthroughs in technology.

At present, NGC’s wind energy gear transmission products have been granted independent intellectual property rights, taking the lead at home, while also being highly ranked internationally against a number of technical indicators. The company sales now represent almost 60% of domestic market share and more than 30% of the global market. In 2016, the company was selected among the first batch of single champion and demonstration enterprises in the manufacturing industry by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, passing further reviews in 2019 and 2022.

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