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NGC Rail Transportation Awarded IRIS “Silver” Certification for Quality Performance

Publish Date: 2022-10-25

There was good news from the IMC (IRIS Management Center) - UNIFE: Nanjing High Speed &Accurate Rail Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd. was awarded IRIS “Silver” certification for quality performance, as officially announced on the IRIS website.

No pain, no gain. NGC introduced the IRIS system in 2012. After a decade of exploration and operation, it has adapted its business to the requirements of the IRIS standard, with customers as the focal point of innovation and perfection. The system is now increasingly mature in its mode of operation. NGC launched an improvement project around the IRIS system’s “Silver level quality performance” requirements, developing and implementing detailed plans and effective improvement schemes. The company finally received the official IRIS Silver Certificate in October 2022.

The award of this certificate is not only a recognition of NGC’s quality management performance, but more importantly, also shows that NGC has higher goals and commitments to product quality and safety. This will promote the company’s influence in the rail transportation industry and boost its sustainable development. Taking the IRIS certificate as a new start, NGC will focus on customer requirements, continue to improve and innovate by driving the quality of its management, products and services, thus providing customers with first-class solutions and raising their levels of satisfaction.

About the NGC Rail Transportation Division

Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Rail Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd. (or “NGC Rail” for short) specializes in the design and manufacture of gearboxes for rail transportation. Since it stepped into this field in 2017, the company has forged ahead with unremitting efforts in the perfection of design, production and quality. On this basis, the company’s products now cover all series of gearboxes for rail transportation, including subways, inter-city trains, high-speed trains, tramcars, and monorails. These products have been widely installed in countries or regions such as China, France, the Netherlands, Singapore, India, Australia, South Africa, Brazil and Argentina.

30+ countries
Our rail transportation gearboxes are working smoothly in 30+ countries

60+ models
We have independently developed 60+ models of rail transportation gearboxes

50,000+ sets
We have provided users throughout the world with 50,000+ sets of high-quality rail transportation gearboxes

Notes: IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) was formulated by the UNIFE and officially released on May 18, 2005, and it was updated to the ISO/TS22163 in May 2017. On the basis of the ISO 9001 quality control system, IRIS has introduced special requirements for railway products in terms of safety, reliability and quality, while combining industry-leading management methods and concepts. Based on its seven key principles of quality control, the system reflects the concept of product management across the whole life cycle, considering the entire supply chain, with an aim to guaranteeing customer satisfaction at a reasonable cost.

The IRIS Certification quality performance is divided into three levels: Bronze (passed and obtained), Silver and Gold. On May 1, 2020, the certification rules issued by the IMC outlined the newest standards for silver level certification, thus kicking off the approval process.

According to data taken from the IRIS website, as of October 2020, among the 1,300+ enterprises certified by IRIS in China, more than 50 have been rated at or above the silver level, with one rated at the gold level.

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