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NGC and Huaxin Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Publish Date: 2021-11-29

On November 18, Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Gear Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the NGC Group, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hangzhou Huaxin Electromechanical Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Zhuzhou Tianqiao Crane Co., Ltd. Wang Zhengbin, president of the Industrial Business Unit of NGC, and Wang Jiru, general manager of Huaxin, signed the agreement and exchanged views on behalf of both companies. The signing ceremony was witnessed by Zhu Jinguo, general manager of the Industrial Standard Container Business Unit of NGC, Huang Jianxiang, a member of the Party committee and secretary of the disciplinary committee of Zhuzhou Tianqiao Cranes, and Shen Ce, deputy general manager of Huaxin.

Signing ceremony

At the signing ceremony, both sides looked back on their cooperation of the past twenty years. They have established deep ties with each other, starting from a simple trading relationship through to a new form of cooperation in high-level transmission technology. Recently, both sides have made significant achievements in such projects as China Railway Construction 1500T/H*2, Fangchenggang 1800T/h*3 and Mengjiagang 1500T/h*4, having delivered advanced equipment systems to the port owners. In the face of new market opportunities and challenges, Wang Zhengbin said, NGC boasted a far-reaching influence and great comprehensive strength in the gear industry. Hopefully, both sides can strengthen communications in their strategic cooperation and form a partnership to pursue development together in the future.

Wang Zhengbing, president of NGC's Industrial Business Unit, and Zhu Jinguo, Deputy General Manager

Huang Jianxiang believes that Zhuzhou Tianqiao share the same highly consistent development concepts as NGC in terms of business transformation and upgrade, technical innovation and intelligent manufacturing. The cooperation between both sides should start from this source and seek even more avenues for strategic cooperation.

Wang Jiru expressed gratitude for the support NGC has provided over the years on behalf of Hangzhou Huaxin. Wang said that Huaxin boasted a strong brand influence in the field of port machinery and will continue deepening its cooperation with NGC in the future. In this way, they can effectively unleash the underlying strengths and competitiveness of both partners and ensure everyone can achieve a leapfrog development.

Left: Huang Jianxiang, a member of the Tianqiao Party Committee and secretary of the Disciplinary Committee; Right: Wang Jiru, general manager of Hangzhou Huaxin

The successful signing of the strategic cooperation officially kicked off the strategic cooperation between Huaxin and NGC. Both sides will try to satisfy each other’s requirements in various fields, including equipment manufacture and market expansion. They will also continue to share resources and complement each other’s strengths in the future, so that both sides will join hands to advance, develop and make their contributions to the successful growth of China’s independent brands.

The delegation, led by Huang Jianxiang and Wang Jiru, also visited the China Transmission Museum and NGC’s heavy-duty transmission factory to learn more about NGC’s history and its crane products. During the visit, they both praised the company's business management, workshop production, and standardization manufacturing approach, as well as the intelligence of NGC's gear products.

The delegation visits the China Transmission Museum

The delegation visits the heavy-duty transmission factory

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