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NGC Begins TPG Certification Process with a Number of Special Processes already Passed

Publish Date: 2022-01-26

In 2021, NGC's magnetic powder inspection, thermal treatment and shot blasting processes passed the TPG special process certification. Before that, NGC had already passed TPG certification for such processes as partial thermal treatment (induction quenching and carburizing) and ultrasonic flaw detection.

About TPG

The PRI (Performance Review Institute) is a certification organization that administer the Nadcap (National Aerospace and Defence Contractors Accreditation Program) standards and manage the associated certification work. It is an authoritative organization involved in the field of special production processes for the global aerospace manufacturing industry. The certificates that they issue are one of the key passes required for an industrial manufacturing industry to access the global markets.

TPG (Transportation and Power Generation) is a requirement based on the Nadcap standards, and on transportation and energy equipment manufactured by GE – it is a form of special process certification for suppliers. Certified enterprises can be published on the PRI website for priority reference and easy selection of global manufacturers.

TPG Certification for NGC

In order to further improve the capabilities of the wind energy industry and reduce the costs associated with failures, the wind energy industry has been encouraged by GE to introduce the TPG certification since 2018.

In June 2018, NGC applied for TPG certification for their thermal treatment induction quenching, carburizing and quenching processes for the first time. They were able to identify and improve 64 items through a gradual process of learning and bench-marking, before successfully passing the review and obtaining certification in September.

As confidence in the TPG certification increased, and in order to further improve their production processes, NGC reapplied to have its ultrasonic flaw detection process certified for the first time in 2019. In this case, 43 items were improved and the review was successfully passed.

In 2021, NGC and its supply chain started the full TPG certification process. Except for the already certified induction quenching, cemented quenching, nondestructive testing and ultrasonic flaw detection processes for thermal treatment, NGC also included tempering of thermal treatment, nitriding, and shot blasting of surface treatment, as well as magnetic powder inspection and magnetic powder inspection of nondestructive testing.

TPG certification brings the company's special process control capabilities to a new level

In order to provide customers with more reliable, high-quality wind energy gearbox products, and as a world-renowned transmission equipment manufacturer in the wind energy industry, NGC complies with the most rigorous aerospace standards to ensure its special process control levels can reach the highest levels. At the same time, NGC has systematically introduced a process evaluation system to comprehensively elevate its supervision and management capabilities. This is a long-term strategic decision made by NGC management for which the company needs to make improvements in equipment and hardware, management and personnel. In the end, NGC was able to achieve its target and provide successful answers.

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