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NGC Signed Master Strategic Frame Agreement with Siemens Energy

Publish Date: 2021-11-12

(Nanjing, China) On November 10th, 2021, Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Gear Group Co.,Ltd., a subsidiary company of NGC Group, signed master strategic frame agreement with Siemens Energy Global GmbH & Co KG (hereinafter referred to as “SE” ). This significant milestone represents that the cooperation of two partners stepping into a new age. In the future, both parties will increase their cooperation in the Energy, Oil and Gas, and New Energy markets, with mutual technological innovation complementary advantages, and win-win cooperation.

Management from NGC on the master frame agreement signing ceremony are: Mr. Wang Zhengbing, President and General Manager of Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Gear Group Co.,Ltd. ; Mr. Rock Rui, VP of NGC Quality Development; NGC KA team for SE from different functions.

Management from SE on the master frame agreement signing ceremony are Mr. Arnd Hirschberg, CPO of Siemens Energy Industry Application; Mr. Sean Jakubowski, SQM global head of Siemens Energy Industry Application; Mr. Mark Schierhold, Global Category Manager of Siemens Energy; Mr. Li Zhenjie, Purchasing director of Siemens Energy IA PR CN; Mr. Sun Qiang, Commodity manager of Siemens Energy Co., Ltd; Mr. He Junfeng, Senior Supplier Quality Engineer of Siemens Energy Co., Ltd.

Due to the pandemic, the FA the signing ceremony was held live in Nanjing and online in Germany. The two parties had an open and deep discussion about the markets, products, technologies and cooperative direction. In addition, they exchanged ideas about future strategies as well as customer requirements and expectations. Since NGC Group and Siemens began cooperating in 2015, NGC Group has delivered more than 1500 wind gearboxes for Siemens Gamesa. The strategic agreement signed between NGC and SE, will undoubtedly expand their cooperation into new markets. Furthermore, both parties will work together to supply more competitive products and excellent services to global customers.

Mr. Arnd Hirscheberg, CPO of Siemens Energy Industry Application, said, “ I see NGC is with high quality and excellent service, and also has achieved good performance in the cooperation with Siemens Gamesa. Siemens Energy is looking for a long-term partner in China.” He expressed that both sides will work together to face market challenges and establish a long-term partnership to increase our market share.

Mr. Sean Jakubowski, SQM global head of Siemens Energy Industry Application, gave very positive comments on NGC’s achievements in the PPQ project. He expressed that NGC completed the entire project in just eight months, from order signing to product delivery. Siemens Energy has chosen the right supplier and team. He believes NGC will become a successful supplier to Siemens Energy in the future.

Mr. Mark Schierhold, Global Category Manager of Siemens Energy, reviewed the cooperative’s progress and noted that it only took nearly one year from the initial discussion for the two sides to confirm their strategic cooperation. NGC has overcome many difficulties and challenges, given great support to the project, and proved its reliability and credibility with its actions. In the future, NGC will not only be a gearbox supplier, but will join hands with Siemens Energy to become experts in their related fields. Mr. Sun Qiang, Commodity manager of Siemens Energy, said that today is an important milestone of the cooperative. He expects that the two sides to complete the product qualification of all product lines in 2023 and win the recognition of more international customers.

Mr. Wang Zhengbing noted that in order to meet the needs of Siemens Energy better, NGC quickly established a key account team, and the two sides successfully completed the delivery of the PPQ project. In the cooperation process, both sides developed a deep understanding of each other’s needs, laying the foundation for follow-up projects, and long-term, stable cooperation.

In approximately one year, NGC completed nearly 100 technical exchange and business negotiation projects at home and abroad, mainly from the compressor application field. Next, NGC will further develop their cooperation with Siemens Energy for steam engines, gas turbines and other technologies, and steadily expand into overseas markets. With the successful signing of strategic cooperation agreement, NGC will further increase its investment towards maintaining an innovative leadership position in its related fields. Both sides will further strengthen regular communication at all levels worldwide and strive to achieve a "win-win" scenario as soon as possible.

With the advent of the "double carbon" era, the pressure of carbon emissions in the future will focus on energy and industry. Facing the dual tasks of increasing energy demand and realizing low-carbon development, technological innovation and multilateral cooperation are the two key driving forces to create clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system products.

Mr. Wang Zhengbing said that NGC understands the importance of technological innovation, low carbon products, and low carbon operation and sees a bright future for gas turbines, wind power, pumped storage, and hydrogen energy technology. Together, NGC and Siemens must build the industrial supply chain, cope with the challenges of the global market, and continuously enhance their competitiveness while jointly contributing to the global energy system transformation.

Nanjing High Speed & Accurate Gear Group Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of NGC Group, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and the production of heavy-duty gear transmission equipment. The company's products are independently developed and are widely used in wind energy, cement, metallurgy, electric power, port, mining, lifting, rubber, construction machinery and other applications. NGC products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and more than 60 countries and regions.

Siemens Energy Group, listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in September 2020, Siemens Energy is the world's only energy technology company with a complete energy value chain covering power generation, transmission, and energy industry applications, new and renewable energy.

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