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“Taking the Pulse” of the Enterprise, Planning For the Industry Development - Mr. Yang Shuyong, President of China’s Coal Machinery Industry Association, Visits NGC Group

Publish Date: 2020-10-19

On Oct. 13, Mr. Yang Shuyong, president of the China Coal Machinery Industry Association, and Mr. Bai Ran, vice president of the same institution, took part in a 3-person delegation that visited the NGC Group. Mr. Wang Zhengbing, vice president of the Group, president of the Group’s Industrial Business Unit, Mr. Zhu Jinguo, vice general manager of the Industrial Business Unit, as well as other members of the Group, accompanied the visitors and supported their studies.

Mr. Yang Shuyong’s group visited NGC’s “China Transmission Museum”, obtained a full and intuitive understanding of NGC’s 50 years of development, and expressed great appreciation for NGC’s course of growth from a humble machine repair shop to a globally renowned enterprise in the gear transmission industry. During this in-depth visit to the workshop, Yang Shuyong asked for details about company management, production technologies, processing techniques, and other areas, and put forward feasible, valuable suggestions for strengthening enterprise informatization.

The Coal Industry is Full of Challenges and Opportunities

During the ensuing discussion, Mr. Yang Shuyong gave a detailed introduction of the current state of business operations in the 2019 coal industry, and offered his guidance regarding its development during “the 14th Five-Year Plan”. He pointed out that coal is the main source of energy in China, that its status is unshakeable, and as the economy has entered into its phase of high-quality development, consensus has grown to accelerate the transformation of energy, and the future market will evolve toward a new pattern of “Three Equal Shares”, these being of coal, oil and gas, and new energy.

“Although the ratio of coal will decline during ‘the 14th Five-Year-Plan’, its total volume is still increasing. NGC’s choice to increase investment in the coal industry was the right decision, as the merger and restructuring of large-scale coal enterprises will bring the industry and leading high-end enterprises better development opportunities,” Yang Shuyong said.

Letting the Coal Industry Better Understand NGC

Since NGC first entered the coal industry in 2002, from its belt conveyor speed reducers to scrapper speed reducers, to the replacement of a variety of high-end imported gearing systems, after ten years of development NGC can now provide cost-effective localization solutions for many imported systems, including excavators, coal mining machines, scrapper machines, crushers, and more tech needed by coal industry users.

Although NGC Group is a “newbie” in the China National Coal Machinery Industry Association, the group has committed “To forge NGC into an internationally renowned brand, and become an industry benchmark in specialized coal gearing products” and made this commitment into a major goal during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. According to the introduction of Mr. Wang Zhengbing, Group vice president, and president of the Industrial Business Unit, NGC will “exert force” mainly in terms of localizing high-end imported products in the coal industry, making products smarter, servicing products across their entire lifecycle, performing post-market remanufacturing, and more, entering the coal market in a comprehensive way .

“Even the best wine is hard to sell out of deep barrels”, said Mr. Yang Shuyong, emphasizing the importance of marketing. “The enterprise should increase its inputs, do good publicity work, proactively enter main engineering plants, and strengthen exchanges with users. At the same time, the Association will also build communication platforms for these enterprises, and strengthen the industry chain’s upstream and downstream cooperation.”

Jointly Boosting the Advances of Coal Industry

Mr. Yang Shuyong patiently listened to and answered the questions posed by NGC about market development in the coal industry, such as “the year-long habit of using imported brand reducers in coal industry,” and “how intelligent products better service the industry.” He stated that the Association will fully listen to and respond to needs of enterprises, build platforms for them, strengthen exchanges, and jointly promote progress in both industry and technology.

Mr. Wang Zhengbing expressed heartfelt thanks to Mr. Yang Shuyong’s visit, stating that his visit had been “very enriching and highly beneficial.” He pointed out that, as a well-known enterprise in the gear drive industry, NGC has shouldered its mission and responsibility of promoting progress in the industry. NGC, with its “ten billion RMB” market value, is willing to take an open mind, make commitments, and use its rich experience in product R&D and manufacturing to provide users with solutions and services beyond their expectations, establish common development platforms for the industry, and help push the industry to achieve higher-quality development.


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