Service Network

Service Network

NGC is committed to providing the comprehensive service package for complete product life cycles. The global service network based in China, the United States, Germany, and Singapore provides full solution services and timely support.

NGC believes that the real challenge for service starts from the delivery of product. To meet the needs of increasingly demanding service levels by customers, NGC’s full life-cycle service package includes application support, installation and debugging, guidance and training for maintenance, spare parts, and upgrade of the old products and technologies.

Comprehensive Service

NGC has established a service system based on a global network according to ISO 9001:2008 and IRIS quality management systems. NGC also provides the customers with comprehensive service 24/7 to help realize drive system high availability and low operating costs, with the philosophy of being a “one-stop service”.

  • quality and customer service department
    • information handing
    • customer service
      • on-site service
    • analysis and improvement
Wind Energy Gearboxes Telephone:+86 25 52172903
Industrial Gearboxes Telephone:+86 400 829 9900
Robot Reducer Telephone:+86 25 52173116
Rail Vehicle Gearboxes Telephone:+86 25 87137157
New Energy Vehicle Gearboxes Telephone:+86 25 52771261

International Business

Service for the Region of Americas

Service for the Asia Pacific Region


NGC Transmission India Pvt. Ltd.

NGC Transmission Chennai Private Limited (SEZ)

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