Intelligent Networked Products

Intelligent Networked Products

Offers real-time operational monitoring of gearboxes, transmission chains, and other elements.

Uses smart maintenance system to allow gearboxes to track their own operating status and wear.

Issues alerts for possible failures, avoiding deterioration and the occurrence of secondary accidents.

Effectively reduces maintenance costs and unplanned downtime during the production process, helping reduce overall costs and increase efficiency.

Integrated modular design: Online status monitoring station has only 2 circuit boards, ensuring simple maintenance procedures.

Compact structural design weighing less than 5 kg, making for easy installation.

Entire system consumes less than 20 watts of energy, efficient and eco-friendly.

Low-frequency vibration acceleration sensor has sensitivity of up to 500mv/g, offering extreme sensitivity in capturing weak vibrations.

Utilizes full-sampling technology to support real-time capture of fault data, enabling real-time monitoring.

Uses order analysis technology and systems to monitor and grade working conditions, effectively eliminating the influence of speed and load fluctuations, improving the accuracy of diagnostic analyses.

High dynamic range and sampling and width: uses 24-bit analog/digital converter, with a sampling frequency of up to 102.4 kHz.

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