Gearboxes for Bucket-wheel Drives

 Extreme industrial applications require reliable and stable performance of gearboxes 365 days per year. To meet this requirement, the gearbox should possess a longer bearing life and higher power density to extend the products service life. Gearboxes of this series can deliver power durably and reliably under extreme conditions.



Independent industrial standard planetary gearbox platform

Advanced modular design technology

Certified design by ISO, AGMA and DIN standard

Optimized gear design, high transmission efficiency

Unique flank modification design, high bearing capacity

Diverse types of input and output shaft ends


Main Technical Parameters

Specifications: 20

Output Torque (kN.m): 100–5,800 KN.m

Transmission Stages: 2–5

Speed Ratio: 25–4,000



Applied to various slewing drives, such as roller crusher drive, sugar mill drive, central drive tube mills, slewing drive of port crane, lifting drive of winch and heavy drives in mining, construction machinery and coal mine industries and etc.

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