Planetary Differential Gearboxes for Ship Unloader

Planetary Differential Gearboxes

NGC’s ship unloader gearboxes are based on a planetary differential design, which is adapted to a four-reel drive system of bridge type grab ship unloaders. The internal optimal-designed planetary differential motion system of the gearbox converses and decomposes input motions of the lifting motor, open-close motor, and travelling motor into motion with different rotating directions and rotating

speeds of the four reels. This helps to control lifting operations, such as opening, closing, and travelling. Thus, it is a key piece equipment for bridge grab ship unloaders.



Special design for different applications

Compact design; large bearing capacity

Tooth surface modification; large teeth contact ratio

Smooth transmission; low noise

Mechanical sealing, convenient to use and maintain

Large center distance range


Main Technical Parameters

Product Group: XCJ

Speed Ratio: 11.2–50

Max. Loading Capacity: 5,000 t/h

Center Distance of two Output Shafts: 800–2,800 mm



Bridge type grab ship unloaders

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