NGC’s tramcar gearboxes have been designed in-house based on customers’ technical specifications. Advanced KISSsoft software was used to validate the strength of gears, while finite element software was used to simulate various load cases and ensure strength and rigidity requirements. The weight, size, noise and overall performance of the products all represent state-of-the-art technology within China.


Main technical characteristics

(1)The gear and pinion are made of high-quality low-carbon alloy steel which has been ground after carburizing and quenching, giving an accuracy of ISO1328 Grade 6.
(2)Unique gear modification technology has been used to enhance the load bearing capacity under varying loads and strong vibrations. 
(3)Bearings and gears remain sufficiently lubricated even when the gearbox is inclined during operation. 
(4)Non-contact labyrinth sealing is used for ventilation while preventing oil from leaking out of the gearbox. At the same time, this ensures that no external contamination or water will be able to enter.


Typical Cases

VDT 230 Series. 100% low-floor tramcar gearbox.
VDT 635.5 Series, 100% low-floor tramcar gearbox.
VST 469 Series, light rail gearbox.

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