Urban Rail


The NGC gearboxes for urban rail transit are independently designed and developed based on the enterprise standards and technical specifications of customers. The finite element software to simulate and analyze the working conditions of vehicle operations so as to ensure gearboxes are able to meet the critical demands. The total weight, volume, noise and comprehensive performance of the products meet various requirements of domestic and oversea customers.


Main technical characteristics

(1)The gear modification technology applied for variable load and high vibration ensures the capacity of the gearbox;
(2)The bearings and the gears are full lubricated when the gearbox operate in tilting states;
(3)The maintenance interval is over 1.2 million kilometers or ten years.


Typical Cases

Gearboxes with center distances of 348mm~490mm for use in subway applications:
Suzhou Line 2; Dalian Line 1 and 2; Ningbo Extended Line 1; Beijing Line 15 and 6; Qingdao Line 3; City Regional Express; Nanjing Airport Line; Nanjing Line 4; Nanjing Ningtian Intercity; Hongkong Nandao Line; Shanghai Line 3 and 4; East Extension Line of Shanghai Line 2; Shenzhen Line 4; South Extension Line of Nanjing Line 1; Nanjing Line 3 and 10; Extension Line of Santiago Line 4; Amsterdam M5/M6; Buenos Aires Line; St. Paulo CPTM-1 of Brazil; St. Paulo CPTM-2 of Brazil; and Chennai of India.

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