Rotary Reducers

Rotary Reducers

Based on the wind pitch and yaw gearbox, NGC rotary reducers are designed to fit for the construction machinery applications. They are used at the rotating mechanism of construction crane equipment. With large bearing capacity, compact structure, evenly distributed load, high reliability, and built-in or external hydraulic static multiple disk brake, NGC rotary reducers have been widely used at large construction machine host plants such as XCMG and Sany and are highly appraised by the Customers.



Modular design

Compact structure; large bearing capacity

Smooth transmission with low noise

Shorter development period, easy maintenance

Built-in or external hydraulic multiple disc brake available

Non-standard design on request


Main Technical Parameters

Product Group: SYW, SPT, GJX

Speed Ratio: 4–2,500

Max. Output Torque: 270 kN.m



Rotating mechanism of the crane, excavator, rotary drilling rig, horizontal directional driller, deck crane, etc.

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