Yaw &Pitch Drives


NGC is a global supplier of pitch gearboxes & yaw drives, proudly possessing more than 10 years of R&D and production experience in this field and having supplied a high volume of various types of pitch gearboxes & yaw drives to customers around the world. Our products offer advantages including compact structure, high bearing capacity, high efficiency, and high reliability, and are used by major wind turbine manufacturers and all running well in wind farms with all sorts of working conditions both across China and around the world.

NGC’s pitch gearboxes & yaw drives are designed with full consideration of the real working conditions and practical application of all products. We have adopted internationally advanced design software, and all products have been fully tested. According to NGC’s corporate standards, we strictly control the quality of the raw materials, manufacturing processes, heat treatment, and assembly sages. In order to satisfy NGC’s high requirements for its products, the Company has introduced a large number of internationally advanced machine tools, heat treatment equipment, and testing equipment, and has set up several advanced assembly lines and painting lines.



Specifications of primary products:

Yaw & pitch product platforms for 1.5 MW, 2.X MW, 3.X MW, 4.X MW, 5.X MW, 6.X MW, 7.X MW, 8.X MW ,10.XMW and 12.XMW systems, etc.

NGC can provide customers with standard NGC StanGearTM series yaw & pitch platform products, can also provide customized FDX-series products, according to customer needs, which are able to work effectively at sea and on land, as well as on plateaus, under high and low temperatures, low wind speeds, and other working conditions.

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