Yaw &Pitch Drives


As one of the largest global manufacturers of yaw and pitch transmission equipment, NGC has accumulated almost 20 years of experience in R&D and production within this field, and has supplied a variety of yaw and pitch gearbox models on a large scale. The Company’s products are characterized by their compact structure, high bearing capacity, high efficiency, and high reliability. In total, more than 620,000 gearboxes have been shipped, all of which are operating smoothly in a wide range of operating conditions at wind turbine manufacturers and wind farms both at home and abroad.


The practical application conditions of the products have been fully considered in the design of the Company’s yaw and pitch gearboxes, and world-class software was used for design with full test verification. In order to meet the high requirements for products, NGC has introduced large batches of top-quality machine tools, thermal treatment equipment and testing equipment, with several advanced assembly and painting lines having been set up.


The MPPY yaw gearboxes and MPPB pitch gearboxes, which fully combine NGC’s technical strengths in the gear industry with its vast experience in such fields as yaw and pitch gearboxes, are based on a new generation sub-platform developed by NGC using its MPP modular planetary platform. All technical indicators have now reached a world-class level.



Product coverage:

Operating conditions: suitable for various working environments and conditions, including onshore, offshore, high altitudes, low temperatures, high temperatures, and low wind speeds.


Torque: 10 kNm—250 kNm


Wind turbine Power: 1.X MW—15 MW

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