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NGC has long been tightly focused on the R&D and manufacturing of wind turbine gearboxes. After nearly two decades of continuous technological innovation and development in the wind energy industry, our products have developed advantages in terms of high reliability, high torque density, high efficiency, high cost performance and other characteristics, and had passed certifications including DNV-GL, TUV, UL, CCS, and CGC. NGC has provided more than 100,000 main gearboxes to major wind turbine manufacturers both across China and around the world, all of which are running reliably in wind farms with all types of wind conditions in more than 30 countries.


Our products’ reliability is the result of steady technological updates and innovations, as well as full verifications of all components and parts used during the product development processes. During the design process of our main gearboxes, the actual working conditions of the wind turbine were fully considered. According to the full possible load spectrum, we conducted systematic and precise calculations and analysis of the gearboxes’ parts; and simulated the actual working conditions. We strictly carried out a variety of reliability verification experiments, such as accelerated life tests, a variety of ultimate load tests, tooth load distribution tests, and low temperature tests.


Specifications of primary products:

Main gearbox product platforms for 1.5 MW, 2.X MW, 3.X MW, 4.X MW, 5.X MW, 6.X MW, 7.X MW, 8.X MW, 9.X MW, 10.X MW, 11.X MW, 12.X MW, 13.X MW, 14.X MW, 15.X MW, 16.X MW and 18.X MW systems, etc.


NGC can provide customers with standard NGC StanGearTM series main gearbox platform products, can also provide customized CMG-series products, according to customer needs, which are able to work effectively at sea and on land, as well as on plateaus, under high and low temperatures, low wind speeds, and other working conditions.

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