Cooling Tower and Desulfurization Pumps Gearboxes


NGC’s gearboxes for cooling towers are designed to meet special working conditions. They are based on a modular gearbox series which can be equipped with a large number of optional accessories.

Single-stage gearboxes for desulfurization pumps impose strict requirements on output shaft stress and lubrication. NGC has op-timized desulfurization pump gearboxes by using special design software to ensure a stable and reliable operation.



Special design for different applications

Compact design

Thrust bearing; large bearing capacity

Tooth surface modification; large teeth contact ratio

Smooth transmission; low noise emission

Special sealing structure

Various accessories



Main Technical Parameters

Product Group: M

Speed Ratio: 1.2–60

Power: 15–1,200 kW



Application Fields

Cooling towers, desulfurization pumps.

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