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About NGC

NGC Group is positioned as a global expert in gearboxes and power transmission solutions.

NGC has branches around the world, forming a global network integrating production, R&D, sales, and service. With advanced technology, reliable quality and thoughtful services, NGC has the ability to provide products and services beyond user expectations.


NGC Gears mainly covers the following areas: wind energy gearboxes, rail vehicle gearboxes, gearboxes for metallurgical machinery, gearboxes for material processing, gearboxes for mining equipment, gearboxes for petrochemical equipment, gearboxes for port lifting equipment, reducers for engineering machinery, gearboxes for sugar squeezer, gearboxes for rubber and plastic machinery,  gearboxes for electric power equipment and robot reducers.

  • Rail Vehicle Gearboxes

    The excellent quality of NGC rail vehicle gearboxes guarantees customers reliable operation. Because of superior performance, gearboxes designed for subways and traction gear products are favored by well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers. Challenges due to the rapid growth of rail transit are well managed by NGC's innovative design and strong supply chain. NGC’s environmentally friendly gearboxes add value thanks to their optimal gearbox design, excellent sealing technology, and effective control of manufacturing processes.

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  • Wind Energy Gearboxes

    NGC enjoys strategic cooperation with multiple domestic and global patners. Over ten years of business development, NGC products have been applied in more than 20 countries and regions such as in China, the United States, Canada, Brazil, many European countries, and India. Whether in subzero temperatures, rising heat, high sea levels, low wind speed, or off shore, NGC products continue to prove themselves to be steady deliverers of clean energy to millions of families around the world.

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  • Gearboxes for Metallurgical Machinery

    Based in China, which is the location of a dominant iron and steel market worldwide, NGC's products range from special gearboxes and general gearboxes for various smelting and rolling equipment. NGC has become an indispensable cooperative partner in sustainable development for users and suppliers, and has established long-term strategic cooperative relationships with first-class metallurgical equipment manufacturers in Europe and Asia.

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  • Gearboxes for Material Processing

    NGC develops multiple new epoch-making products in cement equipment field. NGC delivers products for vertical mill reducers, roll mill reducers, center drive cement mill reducers, and kiln reducers implemented in electric power industry, the cement industry, and slag. Close cooperation with clients means that NGC is always in the position to offer the best value solutions to its customers.

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  • Gearbox for Mining Equipment

    As it has gained greater experience in the gear industry over the past some 50 years, NGC has built strengths in gearbox products across many fields. In recent ten years, NGC has been focusing on maintenance-free mine gearbox product development and manufacturing. Through meticulous design, precise computation, and stringent testing, these products, characterized by small size, good performance, safety, and reliability amongst other highlights, have been successfully applied in mining equipment of China Shenhua Shendong, Shandong Energy Group, Henan Energy and Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. and other companies. A well-established after-sale service system likewise relieves customers of future troubles.

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  • Gearboxes for Petrochemical Equipment

    NGC has been developing drive technology for over half a century, and enjoys great popularity in the petrochemical industry. The company maintains close cooperation and exchanges with well-known petrochemical companies across China and around the world, and provides a full range of drive products and integrated services for winches, top drives, pumping units, fluid pumps, compressors, and fan equipment. With advanced designs and high product quality, NGC constantly creates greater value for the petrochemical industry.

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  • Gearboxes for Port Lifting Equipment

    NGC has developed a hard-tooth-surface reducer for lifting appliances used in the port lifting industry, and this reducer features a high carrying capacity, excellent reliability, a compact structure, and low weight. It combines both modular and specialized deigns to fully meet the requirements of the port lifting industry’s needs for hoisting, luffing, handling, and transportation, ensuring the steady development of the port lifting industry.

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  • Reducers for Engineering Machinery

    NGC’s specially designed gearboxes are useful in a wide variety of working conditions faced by construction machinery, and possess high levels of both reliability and stability. These gearboxes mainly include slewing units, walking units, and winch reducers. These products have been widely used in excavators, cranes, rotary drilling rigs, and other construction machinery and equipment produced by device manufacturers such as the Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group and Sany Heavy Industry, as well as in excavating equipment such as shield tunneling machines produced by the China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Corp. and Shanghai Tunnel Co., Ltd. NGC gearboxes have also been widely used in port machinery, marine machinery, agricultural machinery, and industrial machinery.

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  • Gearboxes for Sugar Squeezer

    As a reliable partner within the sugar juice extraction industry, NGC offers a wide range of dedicated gearboxes based on its 50 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing, and has sold these sugar juice extractors to major sugar-producing regions in Guangxi and Southeast Asia. The Company’s mature and rich application solutions can be used to promote the continuous development of the sugar juice extraction industry.

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  • Rubber and Plastic Machinery Gearboxes

    NGC gearboxes for rubber & plastic machinery, which have great future prospects, are characterized by an innovative design, advanced manufacturing processes, precautionary quality systems, and service throughout product life cycles. Various types of NGC gearboxes are globally implemented in rubber, tire, and plastic industries with features such as high efficiency, low noise, energy savings, and environmentally friendly technologies, constantly helping to mould wonderful products serving humanity.

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  • Gearboxes for Electric Power Equipment

    NGC’s broad array of gearboxes developed for the power industry have been widely used in key coal-fired electricity generation units, such as stock grounds, belt conveyors for coal, coal mills, feed pumps, cooling towers, and desulphurization pumps, ensuring the long-term failure-free operation of these power plants. NGC’s products represent a union of innovative design concepts, advanced manufacturing technologies, and full-lifecycle services, and feature high efficiency and reliability as well as low noise. This makes them highly suitable for maximizing energy savings and reducing energy consumption in power plants.

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  • Robot Reducer (NGCRV)

    NGC’s robot reducers (NGCRV) boast a compact structure, excellent overload capacity, high performance and high positioning accuracy. They are primarily used in industrial multi-joint robots, SCARA robots, machine tool libraries, machine tool benches, welding positioners, solar panels, medical CT scanning equipment and other fields.

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  • New Energy Vehicle Gearboxes

    NGC New Energy Vehicle Transmission Business is mainly engaged in high-speed gearbox and transmission products for new energy passenger and commercial vehicles,. whose prProducts oducts include parallel gear transmission systems and epicyclicplanetary gear transmission systems, suitable for various kinds of vehicles such as cars, MPVs, SUVs, buses and trucks.

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