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MSBY Unilateral Double Drive Gearboxes

MSBY Unilateral Double Drive Gearboxes

The directly meshed NGC MSBY girth gearbox has an outstanding innovative design. This gearbox is designed to drive the tube mill through the girth gears. In this application, the gearbox forms a unit with the girth gear, and is directly meshed and driven through the girth gear. The decrease of parts required by the system reduces the requirements for space as well, and the installation and operation

costs are reduced accordingly. The main motor is connected to one side of the input shaft of the gearbox, but the auxiliary drive device is connected to the other side.



Optimized meshing accuracy of gears with lower noise and high-er efficiency

The housing is analyzed and optimally designed by FEM, with less deformation during operation process, and more stable op-eration

Guaranteed manufacturing quality and higher reliability

Because of compact drive device, the girth gear can be used more effectively

Perfect load distribution is realized on the width of the whole girth gear


Main Technical Parameters

Specification: 23 types

Transmission Stages: 3, power split structure with parallel gears

Reducer speed ratio: max. iex = 15

Rated Power: 1,250–10,000 kW



Cement processing, grinding in mining industry,tube mills.

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