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Side Drive Gearboxes for Mills

MBY (MBYX) Side Drive Gearboxes

For edge-drive device of tube mill, NGC specially configures high performing MBY(MBYX) gearbox as the main drive device. MBY(X) series gearbox adopts modern gear design and manufacturing technology. Based on the harsh working conditions, low speed and heavy load, requirements like safety, reliability and long service life,the side drive gearbox is specially designed for cement and coal grinding.



carburizing and quenching treatment of tooth surface with above grade 6 accuracy

Easy to maintain

Both oil-sump and oil-free sump to fully meet requirements

Symmetrical design for both sides of the gear to be used

High reliability and long service life


Main Technical Parameters

Specification: 10 types

Transmission Stages: 1, parallel gears

Speed Ratio: max. iex = 7.1

Rated Power: 200–5,000 kW



Side drive gearbox for cement and coal mil.

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