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Vertical Mill Gearboxes

Vertical Mill Gearbox

Vertical mill gearboxes require extremely high rated power and availability. Gearboxes, as one of the key components of vertical mills, are used for transmitting power, reducing the rotating speed of the motor to the one required by the mill during operation, and supporting the mill’s grinding table. Higher axial force and partial radial force generated during the grinding process are transmitted to the mill foundation through thrust bearing and its housing.



Modular design, good component interchangeability.

Longer bearing life, more reasonable lubrication distribution.

flank modification to improve the overall bearing capacity and noise reduction performance.

Finite element analysis to improve gearbox operation stability.

Innovated complete thrust bearing device.


Main Technical Parameters

Specification: 3 types

Transmission stage: 2-stage (one spiral bevel gear drive and one planetary gear drive, 3-stage (one spiral bevel gear drive, one parallel gear drive, one planetary gear drive), 3-stage (one spiral bevel gear drive and two planetary gear drives).

Speed Ratio: 20–60

Rated Power: 80–9,000 kW



Raw material, cement slag, gypsum and coal ash grinding, as well as pre-grinding, in building material industries; coal and limestone mill in power and metallurgical industries and grinding systems in calcite, ceramic powder and mine industries.

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