Reliability for the metallurgical industry

Main Driving Gearboxes for Hot Plate Rolling Mills


The power and torque of the main motor can be transmitted to two rollers of the hot plate through this reducer. The gear housing is connected and driven serially. Both rolling the mill via speed reduction and distribution.

The production line of a hot plate rolling mill has a large rolling reduction and a large roll force, so that the driving system must provide a large rolling torque. Plus, the requirements for reliability and stability of the design and manufacturing of the gearbox in the main driving system are rigid. NGC’s main driving gearboxes for hot plate rolling mills completely meet all driving requirements.



Optimized flank modification technology

High housing rigidity

Large torque transmission

Weight reduction by gear hardening


Main Technical Parameters

Rated Power: max. 12,000 kW

Transmission Stages: 1 or 2

Speed Ratio: 1–10

Torque: max. 4,200 kN.m



Applied to the production lines of

continuous hot rolling and continuous

plate casting and rolling