Standard gearboxes
for general machineries

MHB Series

  • Standard gearbox series are applicable to various mechanical power transmission fields. Products of this series include gearb...

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    MHB Series | Industrial Standard Gearboxes

MP Series

  • Extreme industrial applications require reliable and stable performance of gearboxes 365 days per year. To meet this requirem...

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    MP Series | Industrial Standard Planetary Gearboxe

MBE Series

  • In order to meet the special operational needs of bucket elevators, NGC has developed special gearboxes tailored to the uniqu...

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    MBE Series | Bucket Elevator Gearboxes

MHC Series

  • NGC’s gearboxes for cooling towers are designed to meet special working conditions. They are based on a modular gearbox serie...

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    Cooling Tower and Desulfurization Pumps Gearboxes

MPG Series

  • Between the two grinding roller which rotate in two opposite directions, small dry particles bear extremely high pressure. Th...

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    Roller Press Gearboxes