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NGC is one of the global major supplies for yaw and pitch drive equipment, with over ten years of experience in research, development and production. At present, the company can provide various yaw and pitch drive products up to 7MW, and can meet the requirements of various working conditions, such as low temperature, low wind speed, high altitude, and marine environments.
NGC's yaw & pitch drives are designed by our experienced engineers with internationally advanced software. Finite element analysis is carried out for the main parts, and the quality of raw material, manufacture, heat treatment and assembly are strictly controlled according to NGC's corporate standards. To ensure the high demand by wind energy industry, NGC has invested large quantities of state of art machine tools, heat treatment equipment, and inspection or testing equipment, as well as several assembling lines and painting lines.


Specifications of primary products

1.5MW Yaw & Pitch Drives
2.0MW Yaw & Pitch Drives
2.5MW Yaw & Pitch Drives
3.0MW Yaw & Pitch Drives
3.6MW Yaw & Pitch Drives
4.0MW Yaw & Pitch Drives
4.0MW Yaw & Pitch Drives
6.0MW Yaw & Pitch Drives
7.0MW Yaw & Pitch Drives

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