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Chemical Machinery

  • NGC’s gearbox for internal mixers is a high-precision heavy-load hardened gearbox matched with a closed rubber mixing machine...

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    The gearboxes for internal mixers

  • The gearboxes for open-type mixing mills are high-precision heavy-load hardened gearboxes matched with the open rubber mixing...

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    The gearboxes for open-type mixing mills

  • NGC’s gearboxes for single screw extruders are designed for the tetra-extruder, the tri-extruder, the dual extruder and the s...

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    Gearboxes for single screw extruder

  • NGC’s extruder & calender utilizes the integrated motor and gearbox design: the drive motor at the upper side of the gearbo...

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    The gearboxes for extruder & calender

Petroleum Machinery

  • The winch gearbox is the main gearbox for the drilling rig ,which is with high precision and high load capacity as well as th...

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    Gearboxes for the winching of oil drilling rigs

  • The rotary table petroleum drilling involves a rotary drilling tool for drilling, which is used for providing sufficient powe...

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    Bevel gearboxes for the rotary table petroleum dri

  • The slush pump is for conveying flushing liquids such as slush or water to the drilling holes when the drilling machinery wor...

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    Inverted Y-shaped gear ring and gear shaft for slu

  • The gearboxes for fracturing plunger pumps are applied to large power, extreme high pressure and continuous working for long ...

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    Gearboxes for the fracturing plunger pumps