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Smooth Delivery of China’s Largest Open Mixing Mill Reducer Developed and Manufactured by NGC

Publish Date: 2017-12-14

Recently, the XSK810 main reducer for open mixing mill developed and manufactured by NGC successfully passed the client acceptance inspection. The XSK810 is produced for open mixing mill production lines with an 810mm-diameter main host roller; it has already been delivered in batch and is the largest reducer of its kind in China to date.

The NGC XSK810 main reducer for open mixing mill has independent intellectual property rights and is a type of support drive developed by NGC which can simultaneously satisfy high power, high speed ratio and low bulk requirements. The traditional structure of this product has been optimized through repeated discussions and confirmation between NGC designers and the customer’s technical personnel. The transmission and lubricating systems have now adopted the latest modular design, solving the drawbacks of long product development cycle, low interchangeability of components and long product delivery cycles. After applying the advanced modular concept, this series of products has achieved the advantages of short development cycles, high reliability, large-scale efficiency and low cost throughout the whole life cycle. This allows for more convenient gearbox maintenance and a quicker and easy replacement of quick-wear components, thereby further enhancing the efficiency and quality of post-market service.

Compared with the traditional open mixing mill reducer, this product features dual motor operation in order to achieve two different and corresponding output speeds. By adopting a power-split structure, the input shaft diameter can be reduced, which also reduces the weight of the open mixing mill by 30% when compared with that of a single shaft mill of the same power and torque; this accounts for a dramatic reduction in cost. The convenience of assembly in the later production stages, production system rigidity, transmission stability, meshing accuracy and efficiency of synchronous load sharing are also raised across the board.

With the rapid development of the automotive industry, demands made upon the rubber tire industry have exploded. Large open mixing mill reducers are an important type of equipment in the rubber tire industry which are irreplaceable in its role of speed reduction and torque increase. This type of reducer won customer favor immediately after its launch. The delivery of this new product signified that NGC had once again taken a new step in the development of high precision heavy rubber and plastic gearboxes. (by Wang Wei)

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