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Tunneling machine cutting gearbox


NGC tunneling machine cutting gearboxes include two designs: the one is a two-level planetary gear structure applied to vertical-axis boom tunneling machine and the other is a comprehensive structure of bevel gears, parallel gears and planetary gears, applied to horizontal-axis boom tunneling machine. The tunneling machine cutting gearbox is the primary driving equipment of the cutting unit of the boom tunneling machine.


Technical Data

Transmission power: 132 kW~318 kW

Maximum torque of output shaft: 99 kN.m



Finite element analysis of primary structural parts and connecting parts ensure the optimal design;

Multiple sealing methods, such as floating sealing and framework oil seal ensure the seal performance of the box body;

Compact structure, and large load capacity;

Critical loading testing ensures high gearbox reliability;

Multiple non-standard deigns can be realized according to user requirements.



Applied to driving device of the cutting unit of horizontal or vertical-axis boom tunneling machine


Application References

Vertical-axis boom tunneling machines 160, 200, 260 and 318 of Sany Heavy Industry

India horizontal-axis boom tunneling machine 160