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Flying Shears for Bar and Wire Rolling


Flying shears for bar and wire rolling is applied in the continuous rolling production lines for bars and wires. For shearing the head and tail of actual rolled pieces, realizing accidental breaking, and realizing double-ruler shearing of the finished products. NGC provides the designs of different types of flying shears, such as crank connecting rod type flying shears, rotary flying shears, crank connecting rod and rotary combined flying shears. It also provides various shearing speeds and shearing forces for different structures in different working conditions, frequently starting and braking on rolling lines controlled by a mechanical and electrical integration control system, with shears at a large inertia.
The low-temperature flying shears designed by NGC can shear bar and wire rolling products at low temperature after cooling in water, and has low-temperature shearing features with large shearing force and high precision.

Technical Data

Maximum shearing section: 17,600 mm2(φ150 mm)2(φ150 mm);
Maximum shearing speed: 22 m/s



Large shearing section, large shearing force
High shearing precision
Optimized housing stabilization and operational stability



The continuous rolling production lines for bars and wires.


Application examples

In 2000 The flying shears No. 1, 2 and 3 for bar production line of Nanchang steel mills
In 2004 The crank flying shears for bar production line of Changzhou Zhongtian Steel
In 2005 The flying Shears No. 1, 2 for bar production line of Huai Steel