Standard gearboxes
for general machineries

Gearboxes for Non-Ferrous Machining Industry


NGC's gearboxes are widely applied to machining non-ferrous metal material, such as copper, aluminum, and molybdenum, for example, main driving devices of single stand cold rolling mills, main driving devices of continuous rolling, main driving devices of cold rolling, and driving devices of uncoiling and coiling machines. In addition, the NGC gearboxes are further utilized cast rolling, withdrawal and straightening, and finishing.


Technical Data

Transmission power: 30 kW~9,000 kW
Range of driving ratio: 1~50



Compact structure
Low noise
Large load capacity
High reliability


High reliability

Widely applied to machining processes for non-ferrous metal material


Application examples

In 2009 Fujian Ruimin 2400 main driving gearbox for hot rolling of high precision aluminum plate
In 2009 Sweden SAPA 1750 main driving device of single stand cold rolling mill