Standard gearboxes
for general machineries

Reducer for Cranes


The QJY and QJYX series reducers for cranes are developed for hard flank cranes applied in global market. They have large load capacity, high reliability, compact structure, and light weight, and thus are suitable for lifting mechanisms, mobile machineries, and luffing mechanism of cranes.


Technical Data

Specification: QJY series: 170~800, QJYX series: 01~19
Rated power: up to 6,000 kW
Transmission ratio i = 6.3~400



High precision
Low noise
Compact structure
Light weight
High reliability
Flexible connections to meet variable installation requirements



Widely applied to lifting mechanisms, mobile machineries, and luffing mechanisms of cranes.


Application examples

Hot rolling mill, cold rolling mill and steel making by Baoshan Iron & Steel Co. , Ltd.
Hoisting device of the sluice of Jiajiang Hydropower Station