Standard gearboxes
for general machineries

Standard gearboxes


Standard gearbox series are suitable for various power transmission fields, and have convincing characteristics of high efficiency, fast and flexible delivery, and high cost-performance ration. The products in this series include helical gearboxes and gearboxes of bevel gear-helical gears. The designs vary with torque range of 2,000 Nm - 1,400,000 Nm.
Because of the modularized systems, the delivery is flexible and fast, and the lead time is short. The gearboxes can be adjusted according to the requirements of customers, without affecting delivery time.
NGC's standard gearboxes are high efficiency, high reliability, and hence the low life cycle costs.


Technical Data

Specification: 26
Torque range: 2,000 N.m~1,400,000
Range of speed ratio: 1.25~450



Economic and applicative based on the categories by progressively decreased torque amplitude
Load capacity and noise reduction performance are improved through flank modification
Multiple sealing design, optimized oil anti-leak performance
Highly modular design
Diverse optional accessories
Flexible and short lead time
Excellent cost performance ratio



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