Reliability for the metallurgical industry

Extended Flying Shears

To meet the requirements of different rolling lines, NGC provides different types of flying shears designs, such as crank connecting rod type flying shears, rotary flying shears, and crank connecting rod plus rotary combined flying shears. Besides, NGC also pro-vides various shearing speeds and shearing forces for different structures in different working conditions. Frequently carried out starting and braking on rolling lines are controlled by an integrated mechanical and electrical control system with shears at a large in-ertia.

NGC’s low-temperature flying shears can shear bar and wire rolling products at low temperature after being cooled in water with large shearing force and high precision.



Large shearing section; large shearing force

High shearing precision

Optimized housing and operational stability


Main Technical Parameters

Max. Shearing Section: 17,600 mm2(ø 150 mm)

Max. Shearing Speed: 22 m/s



Continuous rolling production lines

for bars, wires and section bars