Reliability for the metallurgical industry

Main Driving Gearboxes for Cold Plate Rolling Mill


NGC’s main driving gearboxes for Cold Plate Rolling Mills are run-ning in production lines of cold plate rolling mills or reversible plate rolling mills. They are utilized for transmitting and distributing the nominal torque of the motor to the rollers of the rolling mill. To meet the demands for high rotating speed and high stability, this kind of gearbox is specifically designed to assure driving requirements, high precision and high reliability. The reliability of these gearboxes has been proven in many projects.



Optimized flank modification technology

Optimized body rigidity

High gear precision and transmission efficiency

Low noise; low vibration; smooth transmission


Main Technical Parameters

Rated Power: max. 7,500 kW

Transmission Stages: 2 or 3

Speed Ratio: 0.8–6.8

Torque: max. 700 kN.m



Production of cold plate rolling and reversible cold plate rolling .