Reliability for the metallurgical industry

Main Driving Gearboxes for Bar and Wire Rolling



To ensure different shapes and sizes of rolling products, NGC’s gearboxes for bar and wire rolling are designed to be arranged vertically and horizontally. The horizontal gearboxes are driven by parallel shafts. The vertical gearboxes are driven by bevel gears and parallel shafts. They follow a single input double output structure or a triple output structure to transmit and distribute the power of the motor to two or three rollers and to reach the torque and speed re-quired by rolling through reduction ratio.




Compact design structure

Low noise

Great housing stability

High reliability by using forced lubrication to bearings

and transmission efficiency


Main Technical Parameters

Mid-Range of Output Shaft: up to 1,100 mm

Speed Ratio: up to 120

Torque: up to 1,200 kN.m



Applied to the large, medium and small bar production lines; to the wire and high-speed wire production lines; and to the partial sectional steel production lines.