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NGGS Series | High-Speed Gearboxes


High-speed gearboxes are applied in special working environments with high speed and technical requirements, such as in the energy industry, chemical industry, petroleum and gas industry, and other fields. Therefore, they have higher requirements in terms of efficiency, vibration, reliability, and other key parameters. The MTG series of high-speed gearboxes were independently developed by NGC, and feature extremely impressive performance in terms of efficiency, vibration, reliability, and cost performance. This series of products have also passed international API certification.


Performance Characteristics

High speed: Top speed of 25,000 RPM, maximum linear velocity of 176 m/s.

High standards: This design meets the most advanced international standards of the industry: API, AGMA, and ISO.

High precision: Gear precision reaches ISO level 3-5.

High efficiency: Greater than 98.5%.

High reliability: Lifecycle of over 20 years.

High bearing capacity: Uses advanced lightweight design & technologies.


Main technical parameters

Structure: single-stage herringbone gear

Speed ratio range: 1-10

Speed range: 3,000–25,000 RPM for high-speed shaft

Rated power: 500-100,000 kW


Main application fields

Applicable to steam turbines, power generation gas turbines, centrifuge axial fans, blowers, compressors, high- and low-pressure pumps, catalytic cracking for energy recovery, oxygen generators, etc..

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